Our collection pieces are our signature designs; tried and true, their standard sizing makes them perfect for any home. If you’d like any small changes to our collection pieces, you can always personalize any order...we create custom pieces, not cookie cutter item numbers.

Sourcing local and sustainable materials since 2009, every one of our handmade furniture pieces is crafted in our Kakaako workshop. Known for our commitment to quality and service, the Honolulu Furniture Company team is led by Thorben Wuttke, a German craftsman who brings more than twenty years of woodworking experience, an impeccable sense of design, and his crystal-clear fixation on improving his business and products each and every day.

In each piece we produce, our clean, contemporary design speaks for itself; we allow the quality of our raw materials to shine, undisturbed by fussy details and adornments. Built to last through the generations, our heirloom quality pieces showcase investment-worthy value.



The Studio Collection Lounge Couch

Made of locally sourced Monkeypod wood our studio collection lounge couch and chair are based on the traditional design from the 1950s found in the islands.

Couch + upholstery (fabric extra): $6995

Chair + upholstery (fabric extra): $2995


The Studio Collection Punee

Made of locally sourced Monkeypod wood our studio collection punee comes in all sizes.

For the design looked at traditional punee’s familia to the islands, and came up with this classic but contemporary design. The space underneath as well as the total height can be made to your specifications.


King: $4995 - Queen: $4495K - Full: $3995K - Twin: $3495K

The Studio Collection Chair

Made with locally sourced monkeypod wood.

Chair without arms: $1595

Chair with arms: $1895

We agree, this seems like some serious cash for a chair. But building an elegant and comfortable chair takes time and patience. There are many parts with different angles and curves and all of those need to get connected in the end to create this beautiful chair.

Also available for any counter height.



Studio Collection Bed

Made of locally sourced Monkeypod wood our studio collection bed frame comes in all sizes. The overall design of the bed frame can be found by other manufacturers around the works. But we took it a step further. Every headboard showcases a free form section which is dictated by the wood in shape and colors and therefore, specially the headboard, is a one of a kind.

All dimensions are flexible but our standard dimensions have 8" rails with 10" clearance underneath and 50“ high headboard. The mattress is fully supported by 0.75“ plywood

King: $4995 - Queen: $4,495 - Full: $3995 - Twin: $3495